Invitation To Join us In This Worthy Cause

Our Fund Raising Efforts are geared to expanding our programs to include a larger number of needy and deserving Belizean Youths. The Ariel Rosado Foundation takes this opportunity to invite you to join us in our efforts to provide needy Belizean youths with educational and sporting opportunities as a positive alternative to and a deterrent against a life of crime. We pledge to do our best to recognize your contributions, as key players in achieving the Foundation's goals, by using every media outlet available to us to publicize your role in this effort to make a difference in the lives of our needy and deserving Belizean youths.

You might prefer to customize your participation and we would welcome an opportunity to discuss the various possibilities with you. One new feature of the Foundation this year is to manage scholarships for individuals or firms who prefer to provide the funds for a full scholarship without the hassle of advertising, screening and providing follow up supervision of scholars. Based on our experiences we estimate that the direct cost for such a scholarship would be Twelve Hundred Dollars per year or One Hundred Dollars per month. The first such scholarship is the Louis and Dorin Humphreys Scholarship which is funded by the Humphreys family.

If you prefer to make a direct monetary contribution to the Foundation we would prefer that checks be made out to The Ariel Rosado Scholarship Fund.

If you want to get involved in any way please contact us at ariel.memorial@gmail.com or call us at 223-5674 0r 600-6665.